Navigating a Pandemic as a Pool Company

As we write this article, the Stay At Home Order in Ohio has been lifted. Businesses will continue  reopening, and as they do, we can only hope there is not a second wave of cases. This article is here to provide some steps of what to do should a situation like this ever occur again.

The #1 thing that you MUST do is provide clear communication & resources!

The first thing that people start doing in the face of uncertainty is panic. We all have likely done it ourselves, but when your customers are searching for answers, we want to do our best to provide insight. One of the first places your customers will look for answers is your website, so go ahead and put a brief announcement offering relevant details on the homepage. We put a hyperlink (sample below), so when customers click on it, they can find the most relevant information. 

In our post, we included that pool maintenance in Ohio is considered an “essential service,” the changes we are making to crews & in the service provided, and how we are protecting the customer. We also included important health information about how the CDC & World Health Organization explained that COVID-19 could not be transmitted in pools and included a linked article. 

Our goal as a company is to answer questions before customers ask them. This also includes additional instructions for pool maintenance and management. Do I leave the pool cover on? Mosquitoes?

Save your office from answering the same questions and put them on your website to improve upon your brand appearance of being well organized and prepared for ongoing uncertainty.

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