How Can Your Sales Team Effectively Work Remotely

As you and your team have been making transitions to remote work, there may be some challenges with communication, meetings, and coordination with your staff. These are some tools that have been instrumental for us during this time and can still be active post-pandemic. 


Automated Sales Funnel: Turn more Leads into Customers with Less Work

Do you go through physically typing up quotes and mailing the letters to your customers to wait a week to get a response? Do you collect customer info through phone/email, manually copy & paste templates for quotes and follow-ups and send them to customers? Well, if you’re doing either of these things, you are wasting valuable time. While each of these processes requires at least ten steps or more and completing redundant tasks, there are many ways to make all of these processes more straightforward and faster. How? Automation! We define automation as reducing the number of manual tasks, so instead of having 50 different functions within the process to schedule, we have just a few. 


Application: Customer Data Collection

One way that we implement automation is through our website. For example, when a customer wants to view our demo on our site, they have to fill in a few fields consisting of their name and email. Once they submit this data, it sends it to a google sheet. Now, our goal is to have follow-up emails sent automatically. We use MailChimp to send all of our emails on certain recurring intervals, so we don’t have to copy & paste follow-up emails and things manually. To sync our email address list with our MailChimp email series for follow-ups, we have set-up a simple tool that updates our email list using Zapier. If you’d like to learn more about this, we have created the Ultimate Sales Funnel guide with short video clips to demonstrate! 


Grasshopper Phone System: Flexible Phone Service

When the staff isn’t in the office, it may be hard for them to return customer calls on their professional line. Or when pool technicians are in the field and need to reach out to customers, they likely don’t want them to call from their personal numbers. The solution: Grasshopper phone system! This flexible phone service allows you to make calls from the app, so it looks like it’s coming from the business line. This has helped allow us to make business calls professionally. 


Slack: Messaging App

Looking for a more effective way to communicate with the team? Slack is a great way to connect with your team outside of disorganized inboxes. Utilizing channels for different projects and using easy search tools to find information quickly allows you to message others productively.


Zoom: Video Conferencing

Sometimes, there is no substitute for a face to face conversation, which is why Zoom is an excellent tool for video conferencing. Unlike other platforms, Zoom allows you to screen share, send chat messages, share images/ content, use a whiteboard function, and more! Whether you want to host 1-1 conversations or meet with a big team, Zoom can handle it!


Pool Office Manager: Fully Cloud-Based Software

Our personal favorite. With your staff in different physical locations, it can be hard to manage the sales process, service schedule, and invoicing system. Pool Office Manager makes this easy by allowing anyone on your team to access customer lists, quote/ scheduling functions, service reports, or sending invoices. This paperless system allows anyone on your team, anywhere at any time to get organized and be more efficient! Still not sure? Try a 30-day FREE trial to see what this software can do for you!


Ready to see how Pool Office Manager can work for you?