Game-Changing Sales Tips

The hard part of any business is getting customers. However, once you have those customers, how can you effectively keep and impress them? The tools and tips below have helped increase our sales efficiency and consistency. We hope they can provide the same benefit to you!


Sales Form 

If a customer calls us for a quote, we have a simple method to help keep our sales staff consistent and maintain professionalism. When a customer calls, our sales staff have a simple script on how to handle calls. When asked about pricing, they refer to our sales chart pricing. This system allows our sales to go smoothly, capture relevant information, and keep the company efficient by mitigating extra calls.


On our website intake form, we also have a standard email we send and use the same pricing chart.


Call Statistics

A simple way for our staff to be prepared is to know when to expect customer calls. Using data and analytics through documentation, we know that our busiest call day is Monday between 10 am- 1 pm. Thus, our staff can mentally prepare for this peak and plan accordingly. This call influx usually means that they adjust their lunch break to after 1 pm to maximize answering the phone directly. Simple things like this can make all the difference and be an effective way to capture as many leads as possible.


Automation Tools 

Take advantage of FREE resources that can help your business! A game-changer for us has been Zapier! Zapier is a tool that connects two separate apps and can move info between them (Gmail to Dropbox, for example). Zapier allows us to minimize menial redundant tasks that can be automated. All it takes is a few minutes of setup to save hours of work! 


Professional Service for Email, Text, and Phone

Find out customer’s contact preferences on the website intake form/call! This information can be helpful when communicating with customers if you use their desired communication. If a customer never picks up the phone during the day but is always checking their email, wouldn’t it make sense to reach them by email? This data helps avoid playing phone tag and be more efficient with sales. Customers will appreciate it, and you’ll get better responsiveness.


These are a few sales tips from our experience, but if you have any to share, we would love to know about them in the comments below!


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