Do you Need Help Managing Sales? 5 MUST- Know Organization Tips

  1. Organize Week Capture: Keep Customers’ Information in One Place

From writing notes on paper to using Microsoft  Word documents to Google resources, it can be challenging to organize all of your company’s data. A simple way to keep organized is to have one centralized online record system. This allows you and your staff to easily access all your customers information. 


Application: On our website, we have an online intake form so that we can capture all of our customers data and contact details. This information is instantly put into a Google Sheet. If we need to update the customer list, we can edit the  google sheet. This is helpful, because when blasting out emails, ensuring we have all the customer’s contact details in one place.


  1. Clear Sales Funnel 

Our company has a definitive plan to capture customers. Our strategy allows us to collect customer info with a targeted follow-up plan to keep leads.


Application: Our process is to  Intake Info→ Send Quote → 2 Follow-ups → Definitive Action. We will walk you through each step.


On our website, customers can fill out our simple intake form which gathers basic contact info, service needed and customer contact preference. The customer contact preference allows us to effectively communicate with the customer. If a customer never answers their email but always answers their cell phone, we want to contact them in the best way.


Next, using the information from the intake form, we email a quote to the customer, so they can sign off and schedule service.  If the customer doesn’t answer that email, we send a reminder follow-up email acknowledging that they shouldn’t forget about our offer. 


Finally, on the 3rd follow-up, we add a sense of urgency saying, “Our schedule is filling up, so sign up soon to get on our roster.” This incentivizes the customer to respond with an action, usually with scheduling service. 


While this works for us, this may not be the case for you. Others have success with offering a discount on service or a freebie in their final follow-up. Thus, adjust your strategy through trial and error. Once you start gathering and tracking data, it’s easiest to see what’s effective and stick with it!


Above all, have a clear plan to capture and follow up with customers. This consistency is what allows you the flexibility to modify your strategy to measure results.


  1. Referral Source

Asking “How did you hear about us?” is KEY to know how your customers find you.


Application: If the origin of your signups is from Facebook ads, then it may make sense to adapt your marketing to focus on that strategy with signup results. 


  1. Saving Customer Information

The reality is that most people who visit your website aren’t ready to sign up with your company. However, you can still keep these leads, so that when a customer is ready for service, they choose you over the competitor. 


Application: To capture the lead, a simple sign-up form on your website is a great way to save and record potential future sales. Keeping it as brief as possible will increase your chances of a customer filling it out. Later, when we have a sales email to initiate interest, we can easily blast it out to a few hundred people.


  1. Effective Categories of Customers

While potential leads aren’t guaranteed customers, you can focus efforts on  retaining past customers. In fact, this is a much easier sale and should be a strong focus.


 Application: For returning customers, we send an email with a special signup form before the season starts. This easy intake form focuses on what services the customer needs and expedites the process, saving both you and them time. We also blast an email from those previous leads that we mentioned before. This is a different signup form and usually asks some additional questions so we can quote accordingly. Who knows maybe that guy last season who used a competitor wasn’t happy with the quality of service, so if he receives your email, when he’s considering switching, he may be willing to sign up.

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