10-Effective Ways to Market & Grow Your Business

There are many free, low-priced, and expensive ways to market and grow your business. With so many options, it can be challenging to figure out which tools  will  most impact your business while being cost effective. In this article, we will  provide a comprehensive list of options so that you can choose the right fit for your company! 


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Cost: $0-$500

SEO is an effective tool that you can learn yourself with the abundance of online resources available! By having your website tailored with specific language, positive reviews, and satisfied customers, you can rank higher on Google and populate closer to the top on search engines. 

Paid SEO allows you to specifically target anything you could imagine whether that be a keyword, area code etc. This flexibility allows you to be as broad or specific as you choose. A helpful way to choose keywords to target is by using a word tracker.


  1. Backlinks 

Cost: $0-$500

Rank higher in search engines and improve SEO by having strategic, relevant links that will increase your domain authority! We suggest that if your domain authority is <10, it may be helpful to focus on SEO/Backlinking! Check your Domain Authority at Website Authority Checker: Check the “Authority” Of Any Domain


  1. Email Marketing 

Cost: Free (link to capture customer info, YoY)

You can easily capture customer information on your website through a small incentive and then keep them as a lead through email marketing as a potential client. Then, when it comes to blasting emails to a large audience, you don’t have to worry about manually sending many emails. Just type up your general message and share away! 


  1. Google Adwords 

Cost: $100-$1000+

Google Adwords is a paid marketing tool that can have a major impact on your reach. You can bid on certain relevant business keywords  and Google determines your rank by combining your maximum bid with the relevance of your website to the search. You have flexibility on each aspect, making it a favorite tool of many!


  1. Google Listing

 Cost: Free

Add a Google Listing! Make sure customers can find you if they search for you by adding a Google listing with current and relevant info. Google rewards companies with accurate information.


  1. Partner with Local Stores 

Cost: $0 – $100+

Reach out to your local pool store and see if you can set up a partnership! Whether it’s as simple as hanging a flyer for your service in the store, or creating a deal with them  such as advertising their supplies in return for prime marketing real estate. A solid partnership at a reputable store your potential customers frequent provides a great base for future clients.


  1. Incentivize Customers to Review You 

Cost: Free

Reviews in the digital era are KEY to helping your business grow. When customers review you on search engines, or reviews are shared on your website, potential customers can hear first-hand about the great service you provide! Whether you offer a discount for a Google review or just include brief surveys to complete on your website, this is a great way to build trust.


  1.  Online Reviews on Angie’s List & Major Search Engines 

Cost: Free

Reviews are key! What better way for future customers to trust you than hear gushing words about your work. If reviews are strategically placed on websites where your customers can find you, you can reach a wider base of clients.


  1. Social Media 

Cost: Free

Create a social media page! This is a great way to engage your current customers and potential ones by sharing tips, showing before/after pictures, and reminding clients that they need to schedule and more. Just by creating a digital presence, you can use it to entice new customers.


  1.  Ad Vehicles 

Cost: Free

What better way to advertise your business than on your vehicle itself! Having your logo and contact info on your pool trucks is a simple way to spread the word.


Didn’t see an option that you think should be included? Comment below! We’d love to hear strategies that you find helpful and include those in future articles!

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