5 Things You Don’t Have on Your Website, that You NEED

When taking a look at the business world, one thing is very clear: a good online presence is important. Being able to communicate your company’s mission and perspective is incredibly important when growing an audience of customers. Here we have provided five helpful tips on how to take your business’s online presence from simply existing to exceptional. 


  1. Clear Call-to-Action

It is very important that your website has a clear call-to-action space. Whether that’s a “Schedule Now” page tab or a “Schedule Service” button on the homepage, customers find these cues helpful to know how to pursue next steps with your company. If your customer has to call or send your company an email or phone call, that requires the customer to do extra work that they may not want to pursue . The goal here is to make the customer inclined to schedule service as efficiently and easy  as possible. 


  1. Intake Form

When customers select “Schedule Now” this will lead them to an intake form created on Mailchimp. We try to keep our form as simple and straightforward as possible, so that customers don’t lose interest in filling it out. However, we also must ensure that we receive all the necessary information to send a quote. Some things to include are zip code (to see if he/she is in your service area), how they heard about you, (track what marketing tools are most effective), and the types of service needed, among other things. The goal of this form is to eliminate unnecessary, intermediate steps and move as efficiently as possible from sending a quote to scheduling service. 


  1. SEO optimization on-page and off page

There’s 2 types of SEO and both are important for growing your business: On and off-page search engine optimization (SEO). 

  1. On-page SEO focuses on web features that  customers are aware of such as site efficiency, relevant keywords, etc. Google rewards web pages that are quick to load and that contain specific keywords that match a customer’s search. Making sure to include keywords on your website ensures that customers find your page and the services they desire.
  1. Off-page SEO SEO is not obvious in ways that are visible to the customer. “Link building” is an SEO strategy that helps build your website ranking by providing more authority and validation of your website content and quality of service. Simple strategies such as your website linking from other websites/articles, or creating helpful content that others use/share are effective strategies.


  1. Mobile optimization

With customers most likely using their phones to find your website, make sure your mobile view is optimized! This includes making sure that images, posts, and pages are optimized for the mobile screen while also ensuring that the mobile pages efficiently load.


  1. Compelling content 

Your website is for your customers. So make it about them! Instead of focusing on you and your company with language like “We” or “Our,” focus on what the customer wants and needs such as “Pool service that you can afford”. In addition, increase customer engagement on your website through simple small touches such as nice images, client testimonials, FAQ, and brief, concise paragraphs. These details can make a big difference with impressing your customers.


If you want to make some of the changes that we mentioned but aren’t sure what to do, reach out to us to learn more about our website overhaul packages! Our experienced website consultants can provide tailored feedback and suggestions to help your company reach its full potential. 

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