Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Understanding how to utilize Facebook Ads is an essential part of almost every social media strategy. In this article, we will help break down steps and tips for adding these Facebook ad systems to your marketing toolbelt. 


  1. How It Works 

When you open your Facebook homepage and scroll on your ‘News Feed’ or glance over to your right column, you will likely see some sponsored posts for anything from shaving cream to an amusement park promotion. These advertisements will look different on every screen, and they vary from person to person. Facebook takes into account factors such as age range, gender, geographic location, interests, and even the type of phone users scrolling to optimize engagement with the content. The Facebook ad system then uses the information collected from its users and the advertiser’s desired audience to begin matching people with content they might be interested in viewing. 


  1. Choose a Business Goal

Why are you looking to advertise? Are you selling a specific promotion or looking to simply increase your brand awareness amongst potential consumers in your area? Defining a goal for advertising will help develop a more direct and more engaging marketing campaign. 


  1. Choosing a 3rd Party Marketer 

The Facebook ad system can be really inexpensive and easy to set up if you choose the right helping hand. There are lots of services available, but some larger firms often charge a lot of money. Getting started in Facebook ads should never cost more than you need to spend. Consider some alternatives: 



  1. Understand if your Ads are Working

Facebook Pixel is a website code that allows you to measure and optimize the audience for your Facebook ad campaigns. The system collects data to help you track engagement and success from Facebook ads, optimize these ads, build out a more targeted audience for ads, and “remarket” to people who have already taken action with your business. The cost of the Facebook Pixel service is low compared to the amount of beneficial information that emerges from the code. 


Getting started with Facebook ads can seem intimidating. Using these benchmarks for success will hopefully be useful in getting started with the next steps to grow your business on a budget. 

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