How We Brought in +400 Quality Leads on $2000

Against the odds in 2020, our pool company generated over 100 quality customer leads for pool services from March 15 – April 24! While COVID-19 may have impacted your business, you can still have a successful season with these free/ inexpensive strategies. 


1) Set Up an Online Lead Form 

Cost: Free

Add a simple quote form on your website to capture leads. While we answered over 85% of incoming phone calls this year, X% opted to complete our online lead form, which led to quicker quote turnarounds.


2) Automate the Sales Process 

Cost: Free or $20/month

Instead of repeatedly mailing/ copying and pasting emails, quickly respond to interested customers by emailing quotes within minutes or at least with details regarding next steps through an automated email setup. Sending quotes sooner creates a higher likelihood of scheduling.


3) Optimize your Website SEO 

Cost: $0-$500

In 3 months, our pool company went from the 4th page on google when ‘pool liner replacement’ was searched to #6 on the 1st page! We’ve scheduled more liner replacements through April 2020 than during all of 2019.


4) Think about Your Brand Differentiation and Value

 Cost: $0- $300

Our pool software and pool service business went through a change when we decided what our brand difference was and how to communicate it to customers. We have found great success with Storybrand, but there are many companies and resource guides to help you improve your brand development.


5) Google Adwords 

Cost: $100-$1000+

Google Adwords is a marketing tool that allows you to bid on keywords relevant to your business. When someone searches, Google determines your rank by combining your bid with the relevance of your website to the search. We have found this marketing tool to have the best ROI for both our own and other companies. If used properly, Google Ads can be the most effective marketing tool while fitting nearly every budget. 


6) Pagespeed 

Cost: Free

Google rewards websites with quick page speeds. If you’re not sure how quickly your page loads, check here


7) Mobile Optimization 

Cost: Free

As people use their phones more frequently, Google has integrated criteria that rewards websites with proper mobile optimization. If you’re not sure about your website’s view on a mobile device, check it out and make any adjustments if need be. 


8) Domain Authority 

Cost: Free

Check your Domain with a website authority checker. If your Domain Authority is <10, you likely need to invest time in improving your website’s SEO. Low DA means lower search rankings.

The large and small scale changes mentioned can all make a significant impact on your Google ranking over time. These various ideas can be implemented at any stage in your business. Later, when you have more customers than you can handle, Pool Office Manager Software can help you manage your influx of customers and growth. 

Ready to see how Pool Office Manager can work for you?