Make Sure Your Emails Aren’t Going to Spam

If you find that many of your emails are not being opened by the receivers, then there’s a high possibility that your emails are sent straight to their spam folders.


There are a variety of factors that email providers use to determine if a message is malicious or spam. Still, sometimes emails are accidentally flagged and sent into user’s spam folders. When an email is sent to spam, the chances it’s seen is reduced drastically. Here are a few ways of ensuring that your email is viewed. 


Google Suite MX Testhttps://toolbox.googleapps.com/apps/checkmx/


Google offers a backend test to ensure your domain’s certifications and records are working correctly and up to date. If this tool detects a problem, it’ll list the error and give suggestions on how to fix them. 


Watch your wording!

Spam filters have advanced algorithms to detect common words or phrases that tend to be associated with malicious or spam material. While there isn’t a fancy list of words flagged from these filters, be mindful of the content you send. Words and phrases such as; free, promo 100% FREE, long-distance phone offer, have you been turned down, and no obligation can be flagged as spam.


A great tool to use to verify whether or not your messages are flagged is http://isnotspam.com/. This website will send you a report on your delivery and determine whether it’s likely to be flagged. 


Open Rates

Lastly, having good engagement with your audience is important when it comes to open rates. If your audience isn’t opening your emails, it could be due to a weak subject, lack of interest, or excessive mail. When your open rate declines, your mail is more than likely to be sent to a user’s spam folder. To increase your open rate, make sure you’re sending your mail at the proper time, using a segmented and authentic email list, and have click-worthy subject lines. Those three alone should help get you near or above the average open rate of 24%.

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