Meetings You Need To Have Weekly


Your business has many moving parts: no customer, scenario, or technician is the same. Being able to keep track of your business on an executive level is vital for making correct decisions, both internally and externally, for your company. We have outlined some of the most important meetings to hold to understand the needs of your business better. 


When we say meetings, this isn’t a snoozfest hour-long marathon. Some meetings may be just minutes, but the discipline of setting aside the time and reviewing your key metrics, on a regular basis, will be rewarding long-term.


Water chemistry meeting

This meeting is essential: bringing together your team to review chemical readings and pools that are out of range. This overall saves angry phonecalls and is very proactive in ensuring all technicians are correctly treating pools. Find problems before they start, notice trends, discuss plans to improve with a goal of almost 100% of customers having perfectly balanced water.


Service analysis 

Wholistically reviewing your service week-by-week will help you determine the best ways to improve the overall company. Look at data such as average service time, utulization and the number of jobs completed. Use this data to look for trends and compare weeks in a broader time scale.


Is this a bad week or a recurring issue? Performing a service analysis eliminates bias by objectively looking at your company’s data and finding ways to improve. Then, when you do make improvements, you’ll know if the change was effective!



This business is your time and money: track everything going on! Review what you’re using and ordering to determine what changes are needed. Are you facing any shortages that might impact your service abilities? What has not been used for a long time and probably does not need to be reordered? Ask yourself these questions while reviewing your inventory to save money in the long run. 


It is also helpful to identify items you may be using but not recording, it only takes 1 pump or heater not invoiced, to make a dent in the financials. Devoting time to inventory management is crucial in a field-service space.


Weekly meetings with each technician

This meeting is essential for upholding transparency: understanding your technicians’ needs and the potential training they may need to undergo will help you stay on top of all your hired staff. Staying in sync with all team members will help you maintain positive relationships and be proactive about essential staffing decisions.  


Invest the time coaching them, setting clear expectations and areas for improvement, while recognizing where they have deserved praise, will lead to very positive long-term results. 


BONUS: Ask techs how the business can improve! What can YOU do better? How can the business be more efficient? Engage your front-line workers to find answers you may be missing and improve the feeling that your staff has their voice heard and they make a positive impact on the company.


By integrating these weekly meetings into your schedule, you can better understand your business logistics in-and-out of the office. Saving money and ensuring excellent service is only a few brief meetings (and maybe just minutes) away.

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