Local Search Ads that Work!

Users across the globe use Google Maps to navigate large and small trips. Over 1.5 billion destinations each year are reached with the help of the Google Maps system. Google Map ads can help put your business on the map, both literally and figuratively, and grow your business in a way that is often overlooked and surprisingly affordable.


There are two types of advertisements on  Google Maps: 

But wait, I use Google Ads! Isn’t this a part of the system I already use? 

Actually, no.

The Google Ads campaign is not linked to the maps system. Here is a step-by-step way to set it up in only a few minutes.  Login to Google My Business and claim your listing that appears in search results and make sure to use complete information when developing your profile to ensure no errors in discovering where you are located. 


After your account is set-up, link your ad accounts to Google. Establish your range of service, write your introduction, and make sure to add lots of pictures. Google Maps is an inherently visual platform: Google users value businesses that take this into account by choosing locations that include more data about their services. You can optimize your listing with features such as:


Digital marketing is incredibly powerful: Google Map ads are no exception. Using this system can transform your business to go beyond traditional advertising. Making it as easy as possible for customers to find your business is important when looking to grow; Google Map ads can help! 

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