Mike Leone

POM is the complete end-to-end software solution that allows you to focus on growing your pool business while increasing profitability.

I’m Mike Leone, the owner of a growing pool service company. In 2016 I created Pool Office Manager Software when I couldn’t find a program that would help grow my pool business and increase my efficiency in the process.  Over the years at POM, we’ve created a robust and easy-to-use program that helps increase profits while allowing for growth.

POM software helps optimize service routes, email & text customers, calculates chemical adjustments, creates invoices (connects to QuickBooks), all while streamlining inventory. With the booming pool industry and challenging labor market, using the right software is incredibly important. POM removes the repetitive and manual tasks, reduces issues/complaints, and optimizes your entire company’s time, whether they’re at a pool, working from home, or at the office. POM provides the infrastructure needed to maximize efficiency enabling you to focus on providing the best service to your clients.

If you’re looking to operate your business with the right software, built by people actively working in the pool industry, we offer a completely free trial to share the opportunity.  If you’re not ready for a trial, you can find us hosting seminars at the major pool tradeshows for practical tips and advice on increasing your operational efficiency and profits for your pool business.  

Ready to see how Pool Office Manager can work for you?