Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pool Office Manager available on all devices?

Yes, our software is cloud based and can be used in the field by technicians on tablets, phones, or any mobile device! Download our app from the App Store and Google Play

Do I need internet access to use in the field?

No, if using our mobile app, you can save and store pictures offline until internet access is available to upload automatically.

How difficult is it to setup?

Setup is primarily a hands off process. It takes about 5 minutes to transfer your existing data like customers, accounts and inventory from QuickBooks or another source. We process your data, load it into your software for you, so from day 1, all of your customers and items will be loaded.  Simply start scheduling work and you are ready to begin!

Can I customize for my company?

Yes, you can customize the reports technicians complete, the fields you save for customers, as well as many other functions that enable the software to match your business needs.

How does this change the responsibilities of my technicians?

Your technicians will no longer need paper route lists or written versions of their schedules. That information, as well as work order notes and pictures, can all be stored and saved within Pool Office Manager.

Can I control what my staff is able to access within Pool Office Manager?

We allow you to adjust account permissions to ensure employees only access what they need, and private information can remain private.

Which versions of Quickbooks do you integrate with?

We integrate with all versions of QuickBooks: Desktop, Online, Pro Enterprise, and more.

Can I save and store photos with Pool Office Manager?

Yes, you can save and store pictures in the software, with no limit.

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