Pool Chemical Calculator

POM's Pool Chemical Calculator, is your trusted tool for maintaining perfect water chemistry. Achieve crystal-clear, balanced pool water with confidence using our easy-to-use calculator

Pool Service Software - Chemistry Calculator

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Clean Pools and Less Problems

Accurate Water Balancing:

Before LSI and After Adjustment LSI Calculator to ensure pools are healthy and balanced.

Chemical Recommendations

Simply input the chemical reading and view the suggested dosage for over 6 chemicals

Reduce Costs

Clean pools are profitable pools! Reduce the followup visits and angry phonecalls when pools turn for the worse.

Customize for You

Tweak and configure the chemistry calculator to adjust for chemical strength and desired target levels

Quality Service

Once the volume is saved for a pool, all staff members will use the same calculator to ensure consistent quality results

Reduce Training Time

New staff members can instantly use the calculator to assist them in confidently applying the right amount of chemicals to each pool.

Avoid Issues

Cut down on the phone calls asking for help and enable staff to be self-sufficient in keeping pools clean and safe.

Bluetooth coming!

Connect with disc readers and other devices to instantly input chemical readings into the POM App! Coming Spring 2024!

Bring your pool expertise to the next level for your team

Pool Chemical Calculator empowers your pool service business by providing accurate and efficient water chemistry solutions. Say goodbye to costly mistakes, followup visits and say hello to satisfied and profitable customers

Contact us today to take the first step towards a brighter, more organized future for your pool service business.

Pool Service Software - Chemistry

What our customers say

"We were excited to try this program and have been satisfied with the use. Love the scheduling feature, from an office stand point, and the guys are happy with not having to use paper. "

"I can easily keep track of my employees progress throughout the day and have the ability to send other techs to fill in if needed. Love the maps optimization feature. Saves time and money"

"Great software program. Keeps our route in order while providing detailed service reports to all of our clients when the cleaning/maintenance is complete"


Need clarification?

Does it display both the Before and After LSI?

Yes, you can see the existing LSI reading, and if you apply the dosages as shown, it displays the expected Future LSI reading to help ensure the changes being made will fully balance the water.

What if I use different types of chemicals?

You can easily customize the formulas to ensure the dosage suggestions exactly match the type and strength of chemicals used by your company.

Does it work for every pool?

Yes, once the volume of the pool is saved in POM, every time that customer receives service, the chemical suggestions will be based specifically on their pool.

Do I have to use the calculator?

Absolutely not, you can disable the calculator from view or rely on it as a 2nd opinion. 

One tool for all your needs