Pool Service Inventory Software

An inventory management solution that actually works for pool companies! POM's inventory management enables you to gain complete control over your inventory, reduce costs, and ensure your team always has the right tools and chemicals at their fingertips.

Pool Service Inventory Software

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Streamlined Inventory Tracking

Item Details

Access crucial information about each item in your inventory, including product details, current stock levels, location, costs and part numbers

Less Wasted Time

Prevent the failed search parties and 2nd trip to your supplier by knowing whats on hand and how many you have.

Background Tracking

POM tracks inventory stock levels and usage without interfering with jobs. Know what you have, when you have it.

Predictive Ordering Data

Our system helps you make informed purchasing decisions by analyzing historical data, costs and usage patterns

Cost Reporting

Cost per customer, per chemical or per employee, POM tracks your data making it easier than ever to be organized and effecient

Faster Repairs

Ensure your team has access to the right parts for quick equipment repairs, minimizing downtime for your customers.

Scan Barcodes

The inventory is fully compatible with barcoding. Create or use existing barcodes to scan items in and out of locations and jobs.

Stays in Sync

If you're using QBO, your item data like price and details will stay in a 2-way sync to ensure prices are always updated and accurate.


Optimize your Inventory Management

POM's Inventory Management is designed to optimize your pool service business. By keeping your inventory organized and efficient, you can reduce operational costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately boost your bottom line with fewer headaches.

Contact us today to take the first step towards a brighter, more organized future for your pool service business.

Pool Supplies

What our customers say

"We were excited to try this program and have been satisfied with the use. Love the scheduling feature, from an office stand point, and the guys are happy with not having to use paper. "

"I can easily keep track of my employees progress throughout the day and have the ability to send other techs to fill in if needed. Love the maps optimization feature. Saves time and money"

"Great software program. Keeps our route in order while providing detailed service reports to all of our clients when the cleaning/maintenance is complete"


Need clarification?

Can I track how many chemicals and items I use?

Yes, POM tracks the inventory usage in the background to provide you with the data and insights when you need it.

Can I scan the existing barcodes?

Yes, you can access customer data and CRM tools on the go with our mobile app. It's designed to make your field operations more efficient. You can view customer information, schedules, and even use the CRM features from your mobile device. Plus, the app works offline, ensuring you're always productive, even without an internet connection

Can I see where items are from the field app?

Yes, if you've been stuck at a job and need one last part to get it finished, quickly search all locations/vehicles in your company to see where the part it and how many you have.

Can I order supplies from POM?

POM offers a discounted chemical and part buying opportunity. When manufacturers offer products cheaper than the standard local supplier prices, POM offers exclusive access to purchase discounted chemicals at wholesale pricing.