Pool Service Reporting Tool

Welcome to POM's Pool Service Reporting feature, your gateway to efficient data management, customer transparency, and powerful analytics. This comprehensive tool is designed to transform the way you handle data at the pool, ensuring you provide exceptional service, impress your customers, and make informed business decisions.

Pool Service Software - Reporting

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Elevate your Growth and Profits with a Data-Driven Pool Business

Effortless Data Collection

Using our mobile app, your technicians can easily collect data during pool service visits. This includes water chemistry, chemical dosages, equipment readings, and even tasks like closing the gate.

Photo Documentation

Visual data is invaluable. With POM, you can capture and attach photos directly to your service reports. This allows you to document pool conditions, before-and-after shots, and any issues that require attention

Customizable Checklists

Tailor checklists to match your specific service requirements. Ensure your technicians follow a standardized process, minimizing errors and delivering consistent quality

Send Detailed Service Reports:

Easily email or text service reports to customers after each visit. These reports include all captured data, photos, and any notes from your technicians that you wish to send.

Performance Metrics

Track your team's efficiency, service completion rates, and job costs.

Inventory Management

Keep a close eye on chemical usage and inventory levels to optimize stock and reduce stock-outs.

Notes and Attachments

Add notes, pictures, and attachments to client profiles, making it easy to reference important information during service calls

Mobile Accessibility

Access client data and communication tools on-the-go with our mobile app. Stay connected and responsive, even when you're out in the field


For companies that want to improve!

With POM's Pool Service Reporting, you're not just collecting data; you're leveraging it to drive better service, happier customers, and a more profitable pool business.  


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Pool Service Software - Emailed Service Report

What our customers say

"We were excited to try this program and have been satisfied with the use. Love the scheduling feature, from an office stand point, and the guys are happy with not having to use paper. "

"I can easily keep track of my employees progress throughout the day and have the ability to send other techs to fill in if needed. Love the maps optimization feature. Saves time and money"

"Great software program. Keeps our route in order while providing detailed service reports to all of our clients when the cleaning/maintenance is complete"


Need clarification?

Can I use the App without the internet?

Yes, you can! The app works offline so when you're in a deadzone or your tablet doesn't have wifi, you can fully use the app, save pictures and details, and the app will automatically sync to the server once the device has internet access.

Can I customize what we track and save?

Absolutely. You can create custom templates and checklists, along with custom fields to track everything you need to and easily report back on the data.

Can I view what staff does in the field from my office computer?

Yes, you can access POM on both the mobile app as well as any desktop computer.  Fix issues from workers in the field or quickly view a customer profile while on the job. POM gives you access from anywhere

Can I send service reports to customers?

POM's CRM offers a great customer-facing email feature to share what happens on-site to help increase trust, transparency and efficiency.  In one-click email or text a post-service report, like a digital door hanger, to your clients.

One tool for all your needs