From the Technician’s Toolbox: Four Must-Haves for Every Truck



When heading into a job, it is essential to ensure your team is prepared with the best tools to succeed. Ensuring consistency and excellence across all services is vital to that specific customer and important for your company’s overall branding. Here are some critical items to keep on hand at a job to make a service experience seamless. 


Chemistry reference card:

This card is essentially a cheat sheet for weird scenarios: it includes units of measure (measuring precisely one ounce of a chemical is difficult) and references for the overall chemistry in uncertain situations. For example, if the water is dull, the sheet references a standard treatment for this scenario. If the water is persistently cloudy for weeks, it has another solution. This card helps troubleshoot common issues and saves your company calls and, ultimately time.  


Ballpark pricing guide 

Your technicians are your salesman: you must be prepared for them to represent your company. Having a reference guide with current promotions and service prices allows for your technicians to appear knowledgeable to your customer and make additional sales by seamlessly referencing promotions. 


PVC Shears – Repair Techs

Having a electric shears to cut PVC can be a gamechanger when plumbing.  Battery powered and no mess, though expensive, these tools create great clean cuts that take your plumbing to the next level. After doing plumbing for years with sawzalls, and making difficult cuts in hard to reach places, the shears used have not only reduced the time, but keeps the equipment pad clean so no cleanup is required when finished.


Scope camera

These cameras fit easily inside swimming pool return lines, skimmer lines, inside a filter, spa jets/suctions, and many other hard to see places. These cameras allow you to navigate hard-to-reach areas with ease and even show your customers specific service needs for reassurance. 


These items will help you make your business more streamline for both customers and technicians. Being able to reference and perform tasks with ease will make the entire process more enjoyable for your technicians and better for the overall company reputation.

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