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  • Manage jobs, routes, & customers
  • Never forget an invoice or to charge for parts & chemicals sold
  • Seamlessly collaborate between office staff & crews on the road
  • Automatically bill customers or remove the manual work of creating invoices
  • Simpler scheduling for optimized recurring routes, repairs, & seasonal services
  • Track and report every part, and every chemical used

Organization. Efficiency. Profitability. They’ve never been so easy.



Optimize Routes &

Invoicing &
QuickBooks Integration

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Job and Chemical

Job and Chemical


Equipment & Inventory

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How many days do you wake up feeling: overwhelmed, frustrated and/or discouraged? When you started with your company is this what you had in mind?

Business processes and technology constantly change, so adapt with the times by choosing a comprehensive yet straightforward software that office staff will enjoy, pool technicians will love, and most importantly, will solve many of your ongoing problems. The solution? Pool Office Manager Software.

With this software, you can move your focus to take on more jobs, increase project size, and exceed company goals. All you need is the right tool for the business to start running itself without needing constant intervention, and Pool Office Manager can provide that!

The time is NOW! Your competitors have started making these changes, your customers are ready for it, the question is, are you?


Start Transforming You Company

If you want to improve staff productivity, service quality, and efficiency, follow this Four-phased approach



Start a free trial

  • Send in your data from QuickBooks or existing softwares to be imported
  • Explore the software and get help with 1:1 live support, training videos, and how-to guides



Rollout to your team

  • Provide your staff with access to mobile apps for field users and desktop access for those in the office
  • Field users learn the software in typically 30 minutes or less!
  • Office users can access dozens of videos and live support for help with scheduling, billing integrations, and technical questions



Customize the software

  • Create custom job templates to be completed in the field: Repairs, Cleanings, Warranty Work, Projects, etc..
  • Track and save all equipment and pool information for all customers
  • Create custom workflows to seamlessly collaborate with staff
  • Invoicing integrations for QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Stripe!



Complete the transformation

  • Within weeks, if not days, you’ll notice the change in your company along with the increased potential.
  • Easy and sustainable organization!
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Higher profits and service capacity

Why Pool Office Manager?

mike leone

Pool Office Manager started from my quickly-growing pool company not being able to find a single software that could meet all the needs a pool service company needed. From quoting on the jobsite, sending pictures to customers, optimizing service routes, and not forgetting to send an invoice. It didn’t exist

Now, 6 years later, I’ve found thousands of other pool service companies had the same issue! Not having the right software is one of the primary reasons that prevent companies from reaching their full potential.

As we onboard new companies and plug Pool Office Manager’s software into these businesses, the results are astounding! Organization, efficiency and profits soar!

I hope we can be the missing piece you’ve been looking for. If you are ready to transform your company, and operate at your full potential, let’s schedule a call to get started!

Listen to
Our Satisfied Customers.

Pro Pool (OH).

"I’m a dinosaur when it comes to technology but my guys figured the app out immediately. It's easy to use."

Ham Pools (KS).

"This easy-to-use software has given us the ability to handle more customers and grow as a service company. It helps us make sure nothing falls through the cracks."

Prell Pools (PA).

"It has changed our business so much. This software is perfect for any pool business that is looking to grow and to become more organized."

One of the Smartest
Investments You’ll Make.

Reasonably Priced with No Contracts

Pricing is month-to-month based on your company size

Seasonal companies can deactivate users during the off-season!



for the first user




per additional user

sum sum-hor



2 Users = $90/month


5 Users = $150/month

  • Up to 30 users**
  • Unlimited customers and pictures
  • Route Optimization
  • Quote and Customer Management
  • Free Updates and Feature Upgrades
  • Invoicing Integration with QuickBooks &Stripe*
  • Unlimited photos
  • Unlimited Emails and Low-cost Texting!

No contracts, no data importing charges or startup fees!


Sign up for a no-risk, no-obligation FREE TRIAL of Pool Office Manager. This is the app you can’t afford to be without if you’re serious about success. Sign up for this free trial for unrestricted access for 30 full days. What are you waiting for?

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